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Are Vehicle Protection Plans Worth Buying?

Written By, Brad R.

Are you questioning whether or not buying a vehicle protection plan is worth it? After spending a good sum of money on a vehicle, the last thing someone is thinking about is spending more money. That’s exactly the reason talking to an expert on the subject can help to make sense of why getting one is worth it. This goes especially for new drivers, definitely for expensive new vehicles and drivers that want to feel extra secure in their new purchase; there’s no better choice than to have extra coverage.  Let’s go over the reasons why someone might want to add a vehicle protection plan to their purchase when buying a new vehicle.

How Vehicle Protection Plans Work

An extended auto warranty kicks in after the manufacturer’s warranty expires and is set up to offset the costs of expensive repairs after the standard manufacturer’s warranty ends. Many extended warranties and protection plans will include services like 24/7 roadside assistance with complimentary towing, rental car and meal and lodging reimbursement. Oil changes and changing filters can only go so far in keeping a vehicle maintained. Having a protection plan will ensure any costly repairs are covered, leaving the owner with some peace of mind going forward.

Consumers can go with one offered by the manufacturer or opt to go with a third-party extended warranty. The cost can be anywhere from $1,800 to $4,000 depending on the level of coverage. However, one great thing about NowCar is we offer many ideal extended warranties that should help make owning a new vehicle easier. Consider among our various offerings the kind of protection that would be suitable for the purchase made.

Additional Warranties Offered By NowCar

NowCar offers many great services that will benefit any driver of a new vehicle. Feel free to ask us about any of these and add them to the extended warranty that provides most vehicles with a 20 year /200,000-mile warranty offered through NowCar. Take a look at the various other services that will make owning a new car more enjoyable knowing there’s complete protection.

Vehicle Theft Deterrent, a great way to aid in protecting a vehicle and stop it from being stolen. An electrical circuit disconnecting to prevent power from working is the fastest way to help stop any crime. The theft deterrent system is aimed at making the vehicle unable to work, such as the car battery not working.

Tire & Wheel Coverage With Cosmetic and Curb Impact Damage Protection will aid to make sure the normal wear and tear are covered. If there’s damage to the tires or wheel through normal usage, new tires can be added to the vehicle.

Key & Remote Repair & Replacement aids in doing exactly that should the need for any replacements be needed. New keys can cost upwards of over $120, so this might be the perfect call for someone who loses their keys.

Interior & Exterior Appearance Protection Coverage is perfect for keeping the vehicle looking as great as the first day of the purchase. Maintain the vehicle with this coverage to retain a high resale value should the day come of a future trade-in or selling off of the vehicle.

Unlimited Paintless Dent Repair also helps in keeping the value of the vehicle and is an available coverage.

Lease Excess Wear & Tear Coverage is fitting for any person that decides they will only lease the vehicle and still wants to be sure they will have no out-of-pocket expenses at the end of the lease for excessive wear and tear.

Roadside Assistance With Identity Theft makes sense for those who worry about having their vehicle stolen is perfect. A driver will have to prove who they are before receiving roadside assistance. Roadside Assistance is usually something that is used more often than not, should any issues arise while driving or in the event of a flat tire, accident or problems that cause the vehicle to not work.

Skylink Stolen Vehicle Recovery & GPS Tracking System is ideal to ensure any vehicle that is stolen can be found by locating where the vehicle has been moved to. Definitely a plus and must have service!

Find Your New Vehicle With NowCar Today

Consumers hoping to have a total hassle-free car shopping experience, there’s no place better than NowCar. Take as long as you need figuring out which options you want because you’re free to build the car you want. We know you’ll enjoy not having to pay dealership fees, plus we’re always open to find and select the right model. We help our customers get exactly what they want and in their own time frame.

There’s no hidden tricks or any additional, uncomfortable ploys with NowCar. We know you’ll love the fact we have no delivery fee on any car purchase. This is the NowCar experience. Find out how we can help with an online new car purchase today. We also provide assistance along the way with our Live Chat to support you with your questions. Having a wonderful customer experience is our sole focus at NowCar.