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NowCar Drink Responsibly

Alternatives to Driving on New Year’s Eve

Written By, Jordan R.

Looking for ways to stay safe while the world wind’s down 2017 and kicks off 2018? Yeah, we know a lot of our readers will be partying on New Year’s Eve because people who own a car or are looking at buying a new car are of drinking age. Don’t risk driving buzzed after you’ve had some drinks while starting out the New Year, and here are some suggestions to avoid any risk.

Bring the Party to Your House

Going out isn’t the only option, and sometimes its way more convenient staying home rather than going out. At home you don’t have to worry about congested city streets, random obnoxious drunks, ear-deafening music, a super crowded venue, or over-priced drinks. A great way to avoid drinking and driving (and help your friends avoid drinking and driving) is hosting a party or a get together at your house. Don’t have enough places for them to sleep? Ask them to bring an air mattress.

Ride Sharing

If going out to party, do some research on your local ride sharing services. Yes, there’s Uber and Lyft and other apps like that, but keep in mind that their prices may surge on New Year’s Eve due to all of the requests for rides. Other alternatives to Uber or Lyft could be the bus or other methods of public transportation (many beach towns in Florida have a free trolley, but check the hours). There’s also midnight ride sharing services that will drive people home as late as 3 a.m. Do some research on RedCap ($20 membership fee, but you can use it any time), Designated Elite Drivers, and AAA Towing (good for two people max, and FREE). Those services are bound to get you home safely during the holidays, the one thing that matters no matter how crazy things get.

Have a DD

Lastly, but not a guarantee, having a designated driver can help, even if it’s you. Just cause it’s a party doesn’t mean there has to be alcohol. Many adults can enjoy a nice time without the taste of liquor on their lips. We all hear the saying “I don’t need alcohol to have a good time”, but can you prove it? Test yourself this year, and be the person everyone thanks for getting them home safely. It’s a good feeling for the holidays.

Have any other ideas for staying safe for the holidays? Let us know on NowCar social media.

Photo Source/Copyright:; Marian Weyo