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All-New 2021 Nissan Ariya EV Will Be First of Many New EV Options For Nissan

Written By, Brad R

As the automotive industry sets up a path for more electric vehicles (EVs) to join the ranks of popular vehicle options, Nissan will be one of the first brands to offer their entire line-up with EV options. They introduced the popular Nissan Leaf EV years ago and now have the SUV segment in mind with its all-new 2021 Nissan Ariya. This long-awaited concept is the prize of Nissan’s new direction within the ranks of leadership at the company. The newest Nissan product will be an affordable EV and is set to provide customers with a modern appearance and forward thinking by way of top-notch design and engineering. The front grille has become known as a shield, however there is no combustible engine that needs protection. Typically, the purpose of the grille is to provide airflow to the engine for cooling and air-intake for combustion. This electric SUV supports drivers with a protective tech shield to ensure its EV powertrain remains perfectly protected and fundamentally secure. Owners without an internal combustible engine will have to get used to not having the problems of old! 

Nissan Has Sights Set On It’s EV Future

The 2021 Nissan Ariya is a long-range SUV slated to start at $40,000 MSRP or so when the vehicle debuts. Drivers will love the driving range efficiency as the Ariya is projected to hover around an impressive 300 mile driving range. Of course, what's not to love about an SUV that offers class with innovation? Owners have three trim choices, the base trim S, mid-tier SV, and premium SL to select from. Nissan worked to ensure the Ariya offers a fast ride experience for customers. Nissan has said the Ariya will provide a zero to 60 mph time of under five-seconds. Nissan is using a dual-electric motor set-up to power and maintain functionality. One powertrain is found in the rear and the other is placed directly beneath the floor of the SUV. The 2021 Ariya made its original unveiling back at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Show to sweeping praise. Keep in mind, the vehicle is at least several months from being sold to the masses, but the upcoming date will be announced soon. 

More Nissan EV On Their Way 

Nissan is thinking outside the box, coming up with ways to transform the automotive industry, not just with electric vehicles. Nissan has begun the process to see that all itsother vehicles will offer future EV trims. Japan recently put forth a new government plan to raise standards of minimizing pollution in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 32%. Japan has a goal in mind to make this a reality by 2030. Meanwhile, in 2020, we are certain that the latest technology being produced by Nissan will help the brand reach its goal quickly. One of Nissan's rivals, Volkswagen, is preparing to debut its own electric SUV that will be similar to the Ariya in scope, but Nissan will be the first to offer it with its new EV when production starts later in 2020. For our readers looking forward to driving an EV, we have options and plenty of the newest Nissan vehicles to build from the ground up. Show NowCar today to begin the process all from the comfort of anywhere! Don't go outside to shop when NowCar makes it easy to select exactly the vehicle that comes to mind.

Perks of Shopping With NowCar 

Buy from your home, design what you want inside of your vehicle, piece by piece, as any customer can experience the nicest feeling of shopping where and when they want with our help. When searching for a vehicle, our customers are pleasantly surprised to learn how easy the process to build one with NowCar. We’ve engineered our platform for shoppers to configure the right vehicle that fits their budget. Shop with us and let us know what you think on our social media. Begin your hassle-free, easy experience to have the vehicle you’ve always wanted to show up to your home or business, without a delivery fee!