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NowCar Alfa Romeo Heritage Program

Alfa Romeo Announces New "Alfa Romeo Classiche" Heritage Program

Written By, Jordan R

Alfa Romeo is one automaker that seems a little quieter than the rest, with the last large event happening over the summer with the 2022 Mil Miglia, also known as the 1000 Miglia. October is about to become an important month for the automaker, with Alfa Romeo creating a Historical Vehicle Certification Program, the “Alfa Romeo Classiche” heritage program”, to protect san dpromote some of the brand’s rich history and enthusiasts. Think of it as a prestige program that provides specific car services when it comes to the upkeep of some of the oldest vehicles of the brand.

"Alfa Romeo is going through a key phase in its history. The historical period we are going through is a genuine evolution. The brand's future includes very ambitious goals aimed at redefining the concept of sportiness in the 21st century, while remaining faithful to its DNA. While planning for the future, our heritage is always our main source of inspiration. For us, the Alfa Romeo Classiche heritage program aims to enhance our historic automotive heritage by certifying the authenticity of vintage Alfa Romeos and giving new life to marvelous examples that still captivate and excite car enthusiasts around the world." - Jean Philippe Imparato – Alfa Romeo CEO

In close cooperation with Stellantis’ Heritage Dept and the support of the Alfa Romeo Museum, the Alfa Romeo Classiche heritage program begins with the a Certificate of Origin, a staple of the automaker since 2016. This will help with maintenance and restoration when registering the vehicle’s original configuration, including model specifications, engine serial number, and original exterior, and interior details. A Certificate of Authenticity involves a rigorous inspection and evaluation process to review the detail and refinements to verify its production data and technical specifications in the company archives. All that plus the Restoration, services range from simple maintenance to complete restoration, diagnosis to exterior restoration, repair of individual mechanical and aesthetic components, and final testing.

Owners who are dedicated to keeping their classic a classic will find a new dedicated area of these timeless icons on the Alfa Romeo website. The new "Alfa Romeo Classiche" heritage program is able to be personalized directly from the brand’s website, and owners can have their vehicle examined at the Officine Classiche in Mirafiori, at the customer's home (offered globally), or at the Stellantis & You sales and service dealership in Rome and Palermo. The same team working on the Stellantis historical collection is also available to private clients.

Alfa Romeo has over 100 years in the business, born in 1910 in Milan, Italy. A strong automaker in the Stellantis lineup, like many other automakers, Alfa Romeo will soon be releasing some all-electric models and battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) thanks to the new Dare Forward 2030 Stellantis business strategy. 75 BEVs are planned for the automotive group’s expansion into electric vehicles (EVs), and every automaker in the group will be doing their part. Setting the benchmark in performance, style, and technology in an SUV, we expect to see some of the best from Alfa Romeo in the coming years, starting with its first compact SUV, all-new Tonale (not a BEV, so far).

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Photo Source/Copyright: Stellantis Media