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A Closer Look at the Modern Crossover Market

Written By, Brad R.

The landscape of Crossover vehicles has changed in recent years. The look of a crossover is more defined than ever, and expectations about having solid fuel economy is important to consumers. When SUVs became popular, the thought of a crossover was years away from where we are today. Today, we think bold SUVs fused with a station wagon or hatchback and we get the modern crossover model. Sharp designs, spacious interiors and a drive that feels more like a car than a heavy vehicle are what make up the best modern crossovers.

Three-row crossovers have become all the rage despite the growing concerns of fuel efficiency, because even today, most customers buying a vehicle want versatility and options without going green. No one wants a vehicle that is a gas guzzler, and luckily today, it’s never been easier to find sleek crossovers that offer the spacious interior while not being a burden on customers wallets when they have to fill up.

All The Crossover Options You Could Want

If you’re wondering what will work for you, NowCar makes it easy to set your price range as well as decide on what vehicle features you’ll want. Some crossovers provide unique features like three-row seating, some are designed more like an SUV with less of a sporty feel. For families that don’t want something as large as a minivan or as small as a sedan, there’s no mistaking the perfect fit is a crossover. This is for drivers who want extra space for guests or alternative cargo configurations, yet small enough to be enjoyable with every drive.

NowCar has plenty of options to choose from, like the Jeep Cherokee. Smaller than the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Cherokee is rounded and smoother with a classic crossover design that is able to handle nearly anywhere you want to go. Since the birth of crossovers, more and more designs have allowed for greater space while still keeping a smooth drive. The 2019 Jeep Cherokee is no different.

According to Edmunds, a publication that serves to educate car buyers, data for luxury crossovers shows an increase from 42-percent in 2015 up to 56-percent of all luxury sales in 2018. This means that customers have chosen to have decked out, luxurious crossovers more and more over luxury sedans or pickups. Americans especially have quite the unwavering appetite for crossovers.

Latest Plans For Crossovers

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has announced plans to develop a new plug-in hybrid mid-size crossover with promised best-in-class power-to-weight ratio. Alfa Romeo is expected to add a luxury crossover, and Jeep is expected to introduce a subcompact crossover that is smaller than the Jeep Compass to be made available in North America. Maserati (an FCA company) will have its own new crossover as well. There’s a serious amount of crossovers still being developed by FCA brands hoping to tap into the large crossover market. Crossover fans will have more options than ever before in 2018 and the upcoming decade.

What Do You Think About Crossovers Today?

What do you think about the modern crossover market? Do you want to see crossovers become smaller or more station wagon like? Do you want more power and torque out of your crossover? Let us know how you would design your crossover on social media. For any needs you have about buying your very own crossover or new vehicle, we can help at NowCar. Search and build what vehicle you want directly from the comfort of your computer, phone or tablet.