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NowCar gives you tips for car road trips with your dog

6 Tips to Make Road Trips with Your Dog Easier

Written By, Harley R.

When traveling with a dog in your car, there is more for drivers to consider than just when to pull over for bathroom breaks. Whether bringing your dog along for a short car ride or with you on a long road trip, there are certain things you can do to keep your pup safe, entertained and comfortable.

Not only do you need to keep the interior of the car in mind, you need to be aware of your driving, the animal’s comfort and there are a couple tips and accessories that can make a trip much better for you and your dog.

Keep these tips in mind when traveling with a dog of any size:

  • As tempting as it is to let the little dude roam the car, it is unsafe for the driver and the dog. There are dog seat belts, anchored crates, and even dog booster seats for the smaller pups, that help to avoid the issue of injury to the dog or blind vision for the driver.
  • Many people open the car windows for the dog. Although a nice sentiment to allow the dog to get some fresh air, it can actually be harmful a dog. The wind can dry up the dog's eyes, and blow debris at the dog. To avoid this open the windows just a crack. The dog will still get fresh air, but not risk getting injured.
  • Make sure the dog has a collar with a tag on at all times. This is important in case the unfortunate circumstance arrives when you stop for any reason and the dog escapes.
  • Never under ANY circumstance leave the dog in the car when you are not in it. Even with the windows down. Whether it is hot or cold, a dog trapped in a car under extreme temperatures can either get over heated or freeze and potentially die. It truly isn’t worth the risk for a lunch stop. Do a drive through, or have someone go in to get food while one person stays in the car with the pup!
  • Feed normally as you would at home on breaks, and stop for bathroom breaks every few hours.
  • Once you get to your final destination take the dog for a long walk. He or she will need to stretch its legs and get exercise after being in a car for any long period of time.

In addition to the tips mentioned, there are also many gadgets and accessories made for long car rides with dogs. These gadgets can be found both online and in most pet stores. Here are some examples of gadgets and accessories for pet travel:

  • There are all kinds of portable dog bowls and water bottles that make it easy to feed the dog and store the his or hers feeding accessories and necessities.
  • A good travel crate that is easily portable and dismantled can be really help when traveling with a new puppy or untrained dog.
  • If you have a taller car, like an SUV, truck or minivan, consider a pet ramp for older or smaller dogs. Ramps can help dogs get in and out of the car with less risk of hurting themselves from jumping.
  • There are snacks that can relax and calm a dog. Just feed the dog the correct amount before a trip and the snacks will help an anxious dog relax and sleep through a tough car ride.

Now you can enjoy a happy and safe car ride with your little guy or gal. Before you do so, check consider a new car with NowCar to road trip in.