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5 Things NowCar Does That Dealerships Can’t Do

Written By, Brad R.

There’s more than five reasons why NowCar is the fast and easy way to buy or lease a new car and that’s because there are several things we can do that other dealerships can’t do. Here’s a look at what make our shopping, buying or leasing experience different than all of your previous experiences at a dealership.

Hassle Free Zone

We’re not on the clock. We’re not pushy. NowCar is a vessel for car buyers to use for their needs and we filter your options based on your wants and requirements and we give you the options that meet your search. And best of all, you can take as long as you like figuring out which options you want because you’re free to build the car you want. Don’t experience being hassled ever again by shopping with a dealership. We also provide assistance along the way with our Live Chat to support you with your questions. Having a wonderful customer experience is our main focus at NowCar.

No Price Changes

Do you like the price you see once you’ve modified your vehicle choices? That’s the final price because we won’t adjust or inflate what you find. With NowCar there is no bait and switch or a way for us to raise the amount you’ll pay. What you originally see once you’re set with your selection is what the price is when you complete the transaction. We have gone through great lengths to come up with a way to provide customers with a huge selection of vehicle options to satisfy our clients, and the one option that doesn’t change during the finance process is the price. Count on that.

Never Pushy

Dealerships NowCar doesn’t have multiple rooms with different people all trying to upsell you products in addition to your vehicle. We have one customer service associate that handles your questions. There’s no commission or pressure we place on anyone at our company. You as the consumer are able to buy what you want. We help our customers get exactly what they want according to their own time frame. There’s no extra deals we’re going to use or any additional, pushy ploys with NowCar. That’s something traditional dealerships can never do.

No Dealership Fees

Dealerships rely on gaining extra money by adding additional fees like dealership fees. If you are in are delivery area, we’re happy to ship you your vehicle for free. That’s right, it’s completely free with your purchase to get your dream car. We’re not going to add any additional expenses because you found the vehicle you wanted; we’re happy to send your perfect choice! This is simply another reason that separates us from the competition. If you don’t like the vehicle you’ve decided on, no worries! We provide our customers with a 5-day money back guarantee to ensure total customer satisfaction.

100% Online, All the Time

We’re never closed at NowCar. Our entire operation was founded and works online so you don’t have to move to find what you’re looking for. And we won’t close or have peak shopping hours. No anxiety, no waiting, no worries with NowCar. As you’ll find, our shopping experience is second-to-none. With a tremendous selection of vehicles to choose from and design to find the right car, truck or SUV for you, we’re happy to be your choice. No matter when you want to search, the virtual door is always open at NowCar.