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3 of Dodge's Strangest Concept Cars

Written By, NowCar Team

Throughout the decades, Dodge has come up with some pretty amazing concepts. Pushing the boundaries of design and engineering is what it's all about.  
Browsing through Dodge's catalogue, you can find concepts that are awesome, seductive, and in some cases, just a little bit strange.    
Here's a look at three examples that lean toward the bizarre but are also somehow pretty epic.   

1968 Dodge Charger III 


Finished in "Candy Apple" red and styled with a long, aggressive nose, its easy to see that this concept was perhaps a chance for Dodge to toy with a Corvette competitor.   
To come up with this, Dodge reached way, way into the future. With a design reminiscent of a jet plane, the low-bodied Charger III concept was made to be incredibly aerodynamic.   
Instead of side doors that open, the concept car had a large canopy that lifted up, as well as a steering wheel and bucket seats that rose up automatically so the driver could enter with ease.    

Once seated, with the press of a button the hatch would close, and everything would be lowered simultaneously. Perhaps we'll all be getting into our vehicles like that someday.   

But alas, the Charger III never made it to production. However, you can certainly see traces of it in the Viper which didn't appear until many years later.    

1997 Dodge Sidewinder   


Certain things just don't go together well, even though they seem like they should. You know, like bacon and … Okay, that was a bad example. But there are certain pairings that tend to clash.   
And that's exactly what happened with Dodge's 1997 concept, the Sidewinder. Though it's an impressive attempt to marry a convertible with a small pickup, it doesn't quite come together.   
However, the idea is pretty genius. The Sidewinder offers total functionality along with the fun and freedom of a sporty, top-down ride.    
And any trip in this concept car would definitely be entertaining. Equipped with a V10 from the Dodge Viper, the Sidewinder was intended to make utility absolutely exhilarating.    
Though there have been some similar combos, like Chevy's El Camino and SSR, as well as BMW's 2011 April Fools' pickup, no model has ever pulled off the idea with quite as much panache as the Sidewinder.   

2001 Dodge Super8 Hemi 


In what looks like an attempt to go back to the future, the Super8 is a conglomeration of ultra modern details and a distinctly retro design.    
With the shape and stance of a family wagon from the 50s, it has a cool, old school vibe. But then when you take in the green side accents, the enormous grille, and the large wheels, you quickly see that the design is not all vintage.   
From the inside, you could almost pretend you'd gone back in time. The bench seats, old-fashioned gauges, and an old-timey steering wheel all point to yesteryear.    
But an MP3 player, voice recognition system, and satellite radio are also present, again muddling the decades.    
Though people were certainly intrigued by the enigmatic Super8, for the most part, they just weren't quite sure what to make of it.