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2022 Ram ProMaster Gains Upgrades, New Ram Pickup Coming?

Written By, Brad R

Ram will produce a variety of new options, ranging from new trucks to upgraded full-size commercial vans, including the revamped 2023 Ram ProMaster with its redesigned appearance and added features. These vans will differ significantly from the existing Ram line-up. The Ram brand is also considering an upgrade like they did to the Ram 1500 with a new miniature version of the Ram 1500. We know Stellantis is pushing to deliver better vehicles than ever in their history. The market for a mid-size pickup is a large element of the puzzle that Ram expects to figure out soon. This growth for Ram is anticipated to provide the growing and popular pickup market to crown another revived segment. 

More Insight On New Ram Products

Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. had expressed the mid-size segment for Ram is "the biggest opportunity" for the brand. Stellantis is hoping to form another mid-size truck after first constructing one for sales seen in both Central and South America. The new Ram mid-size pickup is dubbed the "Toro" in Brazil, operated under the Fiat brand. Other countries will see the Ram 1000 as an alternative. The accolades for the Ram pickups are abundant, but we know the largest causes. Ram secured the loyalty award for its Ram 1500 for the sixth-year in a row at the Annual Automotive Loyalty Awards by IHS Market in 2021. 

“Given the unique nature of 2021, with the challenges of the pandemic and inventory shortages, retaining customers is more important than ever. This year’s winners have demonstrated effective marketing strategies that have resonated with customers and led to more return to market activity,” said Joe LaFeir, President, Automotive Insights, IHS Markit. 

Awards and the New Modifications To Ram Choices

Ram is seeing a change to its commercial van, the ProMaster with park-assist features, a new third option for its appearance offering a high-roof edition and restyled front-end work on the van. The redesigned stand halogen headlioghts will be 29 percent brigher than give off as much as 15 percent more range than the previous headlights. The optional LED headlights will produce as much as 70 percent brighter light with 50 percent more range, so owners can have a choice to improve or greatly improve their ProMaster van. The modified changes include a bumper that has a built-in step that will allow drivers to clean their wiper blades and windshield easier. The ProMaster will also gain some chances with optional wheels in silver or black coloring choices, a new Black Appearance package is available for the dark trim assortment that includes exterior badge changes, a black grille and black rims. The 13-foot cargo ban with the third option, offering the greatest roof height option is the most cargo volume and headroom offered in the commercial van segment across the entire automotive landscape. 

Ram has gained esteem for the light-duty market with its segment-leading technology, interior bonuses, efficiency, and durability perks that are excellent for owners. Whether a driver has a Ram pickup, a heavy-duty option, or a production van, there is a reason for their high popularity, but we have Ram vehicles that cater to buyers thanks to offering so many choices. Want to get started on owning a new Ram product today?

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