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NowCar 2021 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

2021 AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards Results Are In

Written By, Jordan R

We’re in the second half of 2021, and as automakers start to reveal 2022 model year vehicles, automotive publications and organizations are wrapping up their reviews, studies, and compiling lists. Large names like Kelley Blue Book and put together “Best of” lists every year to inform consumers about the best vehicles on the market. Another well-known company in the industry is AutoPacific, trusted for its future-oriented marketing and automotive research. Recently, AutoPacific wrapped up the 2021 AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards, and many vehicles you can find available at NowCar won an award.

What are the AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards (VSAs)? Like J.D. Power and the Initial Quality Study, AutoPacific sends out surveys to owners of new vehicles to rate the vehicles. Although the results may seem subjective, based on the satisfaction of the owner, the survey is designed to be objective, with owner satisfaction measures across 36 individual vehicle attributes, covering a range of different traits, from driving performance, features, and usability to seating comfort and interior design.

With a history of 25 years, the results from the annual New Vehicle Satisfaction Survey this year collected a total of 89,000 survey responses from new car and light truck owners. To keep it fair, a variety of vehicles were considered during the 2021 AutoPacific VSAs, with a collection of 12 manufacturers and 14 brands. In total, there are 25 category winners, plus four for the Most Satisfying and Highest Satisfaction brands and vehicles.

“Our VSAs give consumers true, unbiased insight into which vehicles are providing their owners with the most satisfying experience,” - AutoPacific president George Peterson

The Most Satisfying Vehicle Overall and Top VSA Car was won by the Toyota Avalon, whereas the Most Satisfying Truck or SUV is the Mercedes-Benz GLS. The Highest Satisfaction for a Premium Brand went to Lincoln, but the Highest Satisfaction for a Popular Brand went to GMC. Many of our favorite brands also won category awards.

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class won the Compact Luxury Car category, the Kia K5 won the Premium Mid-Size Car category, the Chevrolet Camaro won the Sporty Car category, and finishing off the car categories are the Nissan Sentra and Versa for the Mainstream Compact Car and Subcompact Car categories, respectively. For pickup trucks, the Ram 1500 won the Full-Size Pickup truck category, and the Chevrolet Colorado won the Compact Pickup truck category. Onto the SUVs, the Mercedes-Benz GLS won the award for the Luxury SUV category, and the Nissan Armada won the large SUV category. The Jeep Grand Cherokee won the award for the Mid-Size SUV category, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross won the Compact XSUV category – an odd acronym for crossover. Then we have the Kia Telluride winning the Large SUV category award, as it should, being the largest SUV in the Kia lineup. The Nissan Rogue won the Mid-Size XSUV category, the Chevrolet Blazer won the Premium Mid-Size SUV category, and the Chrysler Pacifica won the award for the Minivan category, of course.

You can find these award-winning vehicles for satisfaction and more when you purchase a new car online at NowCar.

Photo Source/Copyright: AutoPacific