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2016 Chevy Trax: A Practice in Versatility

Written By, NowCar Team

Because subcompact SUVs provide the height and the power of an SUV with the drive and fuel economy a car, this has become a very popular segment for those buying cars online. Manufacturers are tasked with the job of creating a versatile SUV while staying fresh and relevant in an already overcrowded SUV segment. Chevy took this challenge came up with a compact vehicle that offers better gas mileage, extra cargo and passenger room all while presenting a stylish ride. Thier contribution: the 2016 Trax.


Trax is Turbocharged

Employing Chevy Sonic’s turbocharged engine, the Trax is sure to provide you with the necessary amount of power you require when sitting in an SUV. And, that’s another thing: when you sit in a Trax, you’re sitting in an SUV. The raised suspension provides the height that you’ve come to expect while looking out on the road. Additional head room provides spaciousness that all passengers benefit from. The lengthened base means extra cargo room for your whatever your excursion may be.

As a subcompact SUV, the Trax was intentionally designed to utilize every inch of space. As is the allotted cargo space in the rear of the car measures 18.7 cu ft. With the rear seats flipped down, it reveals a useful 48.4 cu ft. With tough competition existing in this segment, Chevy recognizes the importance in staying competitive by offering the most room for whatever it is you fill it with. Be it picnic baskets, beach chairs and bags or luggage for your weekend getaways. The Trax’s versatility remains supreme for any person on-the-go.

Beating out the competition in technology, fuel economy and storage compartments, the Trax will flex to fit whatever lifestyle you lead.


Supreme Safety

Never willing to compromise safety for price or size, Chevy has engineered the Trax utilizing top safety features to prevent, protect and respond to any possible situation that may arise. Very rarely do we see and have time to properly respond to an accident that is about to happen. Chevy designs their safety features to capture these moments in hope of preventing an actual accident from occurring.

Prevention is about staying focused and alert. While the driver controls so much of this, what happens when they can’t. Chevy takes over by employing StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control. Drivers of compact vehicles will often say silly things like “I can park anywhere! This is a compact car!” and while for the most part that’s accurate, Chevy likes to help those people out with available Rear Park Assist and Standard Rear Vision Camera. So, next time you’re backing into a space, you’ll have Chevy helping you anticipate what’s behind you.

The 2016 Chevy Trax has a safety cage that is made from high-strength steel. There are also 10 airbags that will deploy on any impact.

With no faster response device on the market today, Chevy employs the use of OnStar which is available. OnStar Automatic Crash Response comes standard for the first 6 months of ownership and OnStar Automatic Advisor will send for help should there be no response. While Chevy understands so much of safety prevention, protection and response is the driver’s responsibility, they do what they can to help in any way. Given the most precious cargo, are those we can’t replace.


Offering Three Trims for the Perfect Fit


2016 Chevy Trax


Offering three trims guarantees two things: 1) You’re sure to find the trim that fits your needs and 2) Even the standard base trim is going to provide you will all that you require should you choose a minimal approach. You’ll understand this in just a moment.

The LS, base trim, comes standard with features like air conditioning, 7-inch touchscreen with MyLink smartphone integration. Available for iPhone users is Siri Eyes Free voice controls which allows you to dictate phone calls, texts and music via voice connectivity so you can keep your focus on the road rather than your smartphone. You will also not have to worry about connectivity with Chevy Trax’s 4G LTE WiFi hotspot capability. Bluetooth connectivity also comes standard on the LS trim which is being offered at $21,200.

For those of you who are early risers enjoy getting an active start on your day, for just a bit extra, you can get the LT trim which adds 16-inch alloy wheels, roof rails, heated mirrors, deluxe cloth upholstery and an upgraded audio setup with satellite radio. This trim is available for $23,500.

Finally, the top trim, LTZ offers the best selection of goodies you’ll see on a new Chevy, let alone Trax. With 18-inch alloy wheels, fog lamps, rear parking sensors, leather wrapped steering wheel with leatherette upholstery, heated front seats along with power driver’s seat and a 7-speaker Bose audio system, premium quality is definitely felt throughout. Competitively priced for an SUV, the LTZ will cost roughly $26,100.

Additional features like AWD, which are super important in wintery climates, is available on all trims for just $1500. Sunroof is optional al both LT and LTZ trims.


Master Your Performance


2016 Chevy Trax cargo space


In finding your next vehicle, Chevy wants you to remember that being you is what’s most important. Living our dreams and following our goals means we live on a budget and sometimes have to make sacrifices. Chevy believe you should get to be exactly who you are, driving the vehicle that best fits you on the budget that reflects your lifestyle.

The Trax helps you do this. It’s foldable 60/40 rear seats accommodate as many daily routines as you need it to.

Are you someone who paddle boards every morning? Your board will fit. Do you need additional cargo space for your building materials and DIY finds? From extra sport equipment to the friends who need a lift home, the Trax has got it covered.

No longer should there be a sacrifice of style and comfort for compact and fuel efficiency. Trax’s EPA estimated 34 mpg highway driving keeps your daily fuel economy manageable and with their top safety features available on all trims, you and your passengers get to enjoy a ride that is both safe and comfortable.