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2015 Chevy Trax: Getting to Know GM's New Crossover

Written By, NowCar Team

2015 Chevy Trax: Getting to Know GM's New Crossover

Compact SUVs are a hot market right now. Lots of people are looking for vehicles with extra space for passengers and cargo without the disadvantages of high fuel costs and cumbersome size.   

Luckily Chevy has come up with the perfect solution: their brand new model, the Trax. It brings together convenience, utility, and fuel-efficiency in one attractive package.    

Check out the features that make it everything you could want, all in one crossover.   

Any Way You Want

It has style, comfort, and fantastic flexibility. That's one of the biggest advantages of moving on up into a compact SUV. You can arrange things any way you want.   

Maybe you're a sports lover who's always on the go with your bike or your rock climbing gear. Maybe your band has started booking lots of gigs, and you need to move equipment.   

Or maybe your family has outgrown your current vehicle, and you need more space for school gear, vacation luggage, and whatever else life throws your way.   

The Trax can handle it all. Rear split-folding seats allow you to change up your crossover's configuration as needed. With the seats in place, you can carry up to five passengers and still have nearly 20 cubic feet of cargo space in back.   

Fold the the seats down, and get over 48 cubic feet of room to play with. With so many possibilities, you may find yourself looking into new hobbies or acquiring more pets.

Tech Savviness

Offering 4G LTE, Chevy can help you turn your Trax into a mobile hot spot so you can stay connected on the go. Work trip? Get full access to the Internet right from your vehicle.    

Road trip? Connect up to seven devices so that everyone can listen to their favorite online playlists, catch up on the latest TV episodes, and stay up to date with social media.   

Plus, the Trax comes equipped with the Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system. Enjoy a 7-inch touchscreen with top-of-the-line navigation from BringGo, as well as music options like Pandora, Stitcher Smart Radio, and TuneIn.   

A Safety Win

With higher seating than you would find in a sedan, you get a better view of the road and what's happening around you.    

You can also drive confidently knowing that Chevrolet has included the most advanced safety technology available. The Trax comes with features like anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and traction control.   

In addition, there are a total of ten airbags throughout the cabin, including rear head airbags to make sure that everyone stays protected.   

Low Cost, High Value

The Trax starts at $20,995; that's what you would pay for many basic sedans these days. But you can get much more functionality for the same price.   

And getting 34 miles per gallon on the highway will keep your fuel costs low and the time between fill-ups long. This crossover's fuel economy is better than that of many smaller cars.    


So why not go for a vehicle that gives you way more options? All-new for 2015, the Trax is about to change what you expect from a vehicle.