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10 Tips to Help You Avoid Car Accidents - Part 1

Written By, NowCar Team

Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents - Distracted Driving

Some car accidents leave people paying for major auto repair while other accidents result in much more cataclysmic effects.

To avoid having to deal with any of the negative repercussions involved in a vehicle collision and having to go look at new cars in Orlando too soon, here a number of ways you can help prevent accidents from happening.

Make Vehicle Maintenance a Priority

A problem with your vehicle can turn into a major emergency if you're traveling down the road going 50 miles per hour.  

Knowing your car inside and out and being aware of any potential problems can save you big time. First, keep up with routine checks of fluids, filters, and tires.

If your vehicle needs a repair, don't wait to get it taken care of. Driving around in a car that's not functioning correctly is just asking for trouble.

And stay informed about vehicle recalls that pertain to your make and model. If there are any issues that need to be remedied by the dealer, schedule an appointment right away, and have things taken care of.  

Staying on top of your car's maintenance is a smart move that helps prevent potential accidents before they even occur.  

Keep Your Hands on the Wheel and Your Eyes on the Road

Nowadays, distractions are everywhere. We are always under a constant barrage of media, messages, emails, and phone calls. It's probably difficult for you to remember the last time you were truly bored.

So it's no surprise that drivers tend to want to stay just as connected in the car. But the same distractions that are okay when you're on the couch can lead to disaster when you're behind the wheel.

Looking away from the road to dial a number, text, or post on social media has become an increasingly common cause for car accidents.

It only takes a moment of being distracted for another vehicle to come out of nowhere or an animal to run across the road. And if you're not focused on driving, you may not be able to react in time.

Not only do people tend to take their eyes off the road, but they also take their hands off the wheel. Instead of making sure they're in control, they temporarily steer with their knees so they can do something else with their hands.

Though it might seem like they're only letting go for a second, that's plenty of time for something to go wrong. So remember to keep your focus on driving and be ready for whatever comes your way.

Avoid the Fast Lane

When you're trying to rush to work and the highway lanes are all backed up, you might instinctively head for the fast lane and stay there in hopes that it will speed you on your way.

But the thing about the fast lane is that there's really no where to go if something unexpected happens. Unlike the right or middle lanes, you can't move to the left to avoid another car. And if you need to get to the breakdown lane, you've got a long way to go.

Try to use the fast lane only for passing, and then stay in the others so you have more options if you need to maneuver quickly.

Keep Your Cool

Driving in traffic or getting stuck behind someone slow when there's no passing lane can definitely make a person want to tear their hair out.  

Many of us are guilty of tailgating to try to make our point or passing when it's unsafe to do so because we're just so fed up.

Getting that angry and frustrated behind the wheel can easily lead to a crash because you're acting on emotion instead of intellect.

What if the person in front of you stops suddenly? If you're nearly touching their rear fender already, it's going to be impossible to stop in time.  

And if you make a rash decision like passing on a double line, you might run into oncoming traffic that you couldn't see or you might cross paths with a police officer who's not very happy.

Instead, try to calm yourself down instead of blowing a gasket, and take a minute to put things in perspective. If you keep your cool, you'll get where you need to be safely, and you can explain that you were stuck in traffic.

Check Carefully Before Maneuvering

Checking twice or even three times before changing lanes or pulling out into traffic is a really smart way to avoid getting into an accident.

Cars can appear quickly, even when you thought the road was clear. Make sure all of your mirrors are positioned correctly, and check each one before maneuvering.

Also learn your car's blind spots to ensure you don't miss seeing an oncoming vehicle. If you're thinking of purchasing a new vehicle in the near future, look for one with Blind Spot Monitoring to help keep you informed about your surroundings.