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2015 GMC Terrain

2015 GMC Terrain - Buy an SUV Online

At the New York International Auto show in 2009, General Motors debuted the GMC Terrain. The mid-size crossover is GMC’s smallest SUV, coming in just below the GMC Acadia. The two-row crossover encompasses plenty of SUV-like features, without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Not only is the GMC Terrain much larger than most of its competitors, it also features one of the quietest rides in its class.


The five-door crossover is an affordable option, starting at just $24,070. It features an exterior refinement and interior comfort, that is typically reserved for large, luxury SUVs. The 2015 GMC Terrain features some of the most advanced in-vehicle technology, including an all-new built in Wi-Fi hot spot for this model year.


While the 2015 Terrain is impressing the American automotive market, it is also sending competitors like the Ford Edge to the curb. With plenty of extra amenities and standard features, the Edge is no match for the GMC Terrain.


Exterior Refinement Meets Interior Practicality for the Ultimate Crossover

2015 GMC Terrain 

Whether commuting to work, driving the kids to and from school, or running everyday errands - chances are you spend a lot of time in your vehicle. Add to that family road trips, and long-distance holiday gatherings, and your car may be the place where you spend most of your time.


GMC designed the Terrain for exactly such use, and it shows throughout the exterior and interior of the crossover. Featuring a bold, refined exterior, coupled with a comfortable and quiet interior - the 2015 GMC Terrain is unlike any other vehicle in its class. Discover what the Terrain offers in terms of style, comfort, and serenity, below.



The bold exterior design is complemented with distinguished features such as a three element grille design, an athletic and commanding stance, and an overall muscular look. The exterior frills don’t end with aesthetic appeal, but far surpass it in practical functionality. Projector beam headlights, fog lights, and standard 17-inch wheels, help keep you safe on the road. The programmable power liftgate opens up to 63.9 cubic feet of cargo space, with the simple touch of a button. Drivers can set a desired opening height, and the advanced liftgate technology will even stop and reverse itself when an obstacle is detected. Driving a vehicle that is as nice to look at, as it is functional, is a bonus only Terrain drivers can attest to.


Interior Practicality

The interior of the 2015 GMC Terrain is even more functional than the package it comes wrapped in, offering drivers plenty of standard features to make life easier. The MultiFlex rear seat system allows for quick and seamless cargo flexibility, with its 60/40 split and fold second row of seating, with an 8” forward and back slide, and recline feature. An advanced acoustics system and unique design ensures that loud road noise stays where it belongs - outside. The design team behind the 2015 Terrain worked to decrease unwanted noise for an uncomparable quiet ride. Tight construction throughout the vehicle with minimized air leaks, a laid back front windshield angle, triple door seals, and acoustic-laminated windows, all come together to create one of the quietest rides available in an affordable mid-size crossover

Advanced In-Vehicle Technology Keeps You Connected

2015 GMC Terrain Interior

Regardless of where your Terrain takes you, to the office, or across the country, you will be able to stay connected to the world around you. Thanks to brand new built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, the 2015 Terrain is a mobile hotspot for you, and all of your passengers.


Supported by OnStar, this technology is bringing the Terrain into the future of advanced in-vehicle technology, and making the lives of everyone who gets behind the wheel of one, easier.


Wi-Fi isn’t the only advanced technology option that the 2015 Terrain boasts. Check out a few more features that set the Terrain apart from other midsize crossovers on the market today.


  • Color Touch Radio - Complete with a 7-inch diagonal color touch screen display, this technology holds up to six pages of settings, all of which are easily accessible with built-in steering wheel controls. Drivers can customize the Color Touch Radio’s home screen, to make it uniquely their own.

  • Rear Seat Entertainment - Keep your passengers happy with dual 8-inch LCD screens that fold into the Terrain’s ceiling for easy storage. Connect video game systems with a video input jack, and use the included wireless headphones and remote, for hours of quiet, backseat entertainment.

  • Intellilink System - Truly stay connected with this impressive, available technology. Enhanced voice commands make this system easy to control and navigate through. Integrate your smartphone with the Bluetooth interface for hands-free calling, phone book access, internet radio streaming, text message support, and even Siri Eyes Free technology for iOS users.


2015 GMC Terrain vs. 2015 Ford Edge

2015 GMC Terrain vs. 2015 Ford Edge

Choosing a crossover SUV can be overwhelming. With a nation focused on increased fuel efficiency without sacrificing space, the crossover segment is booming. The 2015 GMC Terrain is truly a crossover worthy of all competitors. Not only does it stand out in price, it also beats out the comparably equipped Ford Edge in standard features, fuel economy, and warranty. See for yourself just how the 2015 Terrain stands up to the Ford Edge.


  • Cost & Efficiency - Comparably equipped prices between the Terrain and Edge see about a $2,000 difference. On top of the initial cost to own the vehicle, the 2015 Terrain gets an EPA-estimated 23 miles per gallon in the city, and 32 on the highway. Compare that to the Ford Edge’s 19 mpg city, and 27 mpg highway, and the Terrain will save you some serious cash down the road.

  • Standard Features - The GMC Terrain comes standard with Satellite Radio, a back-up camera, Bluetooth Connectivity, daytime running lights, and a 3-prong power outlet. The Ford Edge falls short on all accounts, and does not include any of the above mentioned features.

  • Warranty -  If protecting your investment is important to you, then the Terrain’s 100,000 mile powertrain warranty will mean more than the Edge’s 60,000 mile powertrain warranty. Terrain also offers a full roadside assistance program up to 100,000 miles, whereas the Edge cuts drivers off at 60,000 miles.


A lower cost, added value, and more protection than the Ford Edge, the 2015 GMC Terrain is the clear-cut choice for drivers in the midsize crossover segment.